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Thesis - 1.3 Constraints

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1.3. The constraints


In this project, the constraints are numerous and various. The constraints are essentially technical, political and financial.

The Information system is heterogeneous. All the information required are not available in this information system. A lot of information relating to the merchandising is managed with the help of EXCEL files stored on userís computers. There is no master data management. The existing information are dispersed and duplicated.

In order to elaborate Merchandising plan, an image repository is required. However, the number of pictures can be close to 46 000. This pictures quantity represents no less than 10 giga of disk space. This size doesnít allow duplicating the pictures on each userís workstation. In fact, this size is too much important.

The picture visual quality is fundamental. Itís necessary that the application display 65000 colours in order to obtain a satisfactory execution. Beyond these technical constraints, the Chef Information Officer (CIO) recommends the use of standard solutions. The Oracle database is recommended when itís necessary to use a relational database as well as J2EE for WEB development. The aim of these recommendations is to limit the system heterogeneity.

The CIO has chosen not to use applications that involve installation on each userís computer. For that reason, we prefer solution based on Web technologies instead of client server application.

At last, in spite of the importance of the project, the resources at our disposal for successfully complete the project are very restricted. And the project duration that we have to respect was very short.

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